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Mental Health Services

For families, individuals, and/or couples. Also specializing in support for families of adoption, blended families, and families of children with disabilities or illness.

My goal is to engage the entire family in developing a healthy, adaptive form of coping with the significant issues they face, using a family systems, strength based approach. Additionally, I will actively support the family’s development of vital community connections of healing, growth, and support.

The sharing/ exchange of new ideas or new experiences in a supportive therapeutic setting creates a space in which change can occur.  I take the time with my clients to learn about their beliefs and values, and to discover how they function as a family.  I enjoy using creative ways of exploring what is going on and identifying what needs to happen.  In collaboration with my clients I use therapeutic modalities tailored to their needs, including but not limited to narrative, structural, solution-focused, or cognitive behavioral therapies as well as art, play, or somatic (body-oriented) work.

I have learned so much about myself, especially how much my body stores from past experiences. It has changed my whole perspective. You convinced me to be curious about the things that were happening to me. It’s amazing how much my body was saying! It has so changed my life that I am pursuing a whole new career.”