Services for ADHD- Individuals and Families

The way in which ADHD or ADD is currently diagnosed (via the DSM V) is based on 18 diagnostic criteria. Unfortunately, these criteria only describe how ADHD affects children ages 6-12. Because of this limitation, most people, clinicians included, have an incomplete understanding of what ADHD really means, and believe it refers to kids who are hyperactive and/ or inattentive. This situation continues to result in others living with ADHD (teens, adults, the elderly) being un- or misdiagnosed. As such, they are often chronically misunderstood, have low self-esteem and live without appropriate support which would improve their symptoms and their lives.

Recent research in brain science informs us that people with ADHD differ from those without ADHD in three main areas, including: 1) Emotional Hyper-arousal (sometimes referred to more generically as emotional dysregulation); 2) A Nervous System that is Interest-Based; and 3) Rejection Hypersensitivity. These three areas are believed to explain every aspect of ADHD noted in the current criteria for diagnosis, as well as those identified as “soft symptoms” of ADHD (many of which are listed below). In short, if you live with ADHD what you do every hour often depends on your mood and your interest, and what you do well in one situation is not necessarily going to occur in another. Each person has different symptoms which manifest (or not) under varying situations, hence the term situational variability. It’s like a faulty wire, which turns on the light sometimes, and sometimes not.

Fortunately, understanding the circumstances under which how and when ones one’s challenges manifest gives us the strategies to allow the ADHD brain to work at its best! I offer the education, tools, practice experiences and guidance that will allow you to do so. As I stated earlier, it is my true joy to see my clients learn to manage the challenges of ADHD and be able to be able to focus instead on using their brilliant brains, their strengths, and their passions to accomplish what they want in the different areas of their life.

I assist individuals and families living with ADHD through education, psychotherapy, and coaching. In addition to being a Licensed Professional Counselor with a Master’s degree in Family Therapy, I am a certified Life Coach, Master in Neurolinguistic Programming, nationally certified Parenting Educator, and am currently enrolled in a certified national ADHD coach training program.

I Can Help You (Youth / Adult) with the Following Challenges

Black and White Thinking

Delayed Maturity

Difficulty with Goal-Directed Persistence

Difficulty with Organization

Difficulty with Overwhelm/ Clutter

Difficulty with Sustained Attention

Difficulty with Change/ Transition


Emotional Dysregulation



Incompletions (difficulty finishing)

Low Self Awareness

Low Self Esteem

Low Motivation

Poor Performance Under Pressure

Poor Processing and Judgment

Procrastination (task initiation/activation)

Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria


Stress Intolerance

Time insensitivity

Time management

Working Memory

Other Situations Addressed:

  • Raising Children with ADHD from a Strengths-Based Perspective
  • Navigating Educational Systems
  • College Readiness for Youth and Young Adults Living with ADHD
  • Adults Living with ADHD
  • Navigating Relationships with ADHD:
  • One or both partners with…
  • Support / Education for Non-ADHD Partners
  • Developing the Strengths/ Gifts of Neuro-Diversity