…… Of course! The path to heaven

Doesn’t lie down in flat miles.

It’s in the imagination

With which you perceive

this world,

and the gestures

with which you honor it…

– Mary Oliver
The Swan  


I have always been deeply interested in people- their stories and life dreams have affirmed the enduring strength of the human spirit as well as the profound inner wisdom of each person. I strive to create a place of shared wisdom, from which we can generate new visions and pathways.  I welcome and serve people of all religious faiths, ethnicities, nationalities, sexual orientations, lifestyles, and neuro-diversity styles.

My clinical training in Marriage and Family Therapy includes individual and family development, ethics, trauma, crisis and stress management, career counseling, personality theory, family systems models, human sexuality, couples therapy, child assessment and therapy, multi-cultural counseling, assessment and psycho-diagnosis.  I have  advanced training in family systems therapy, trauma, ADHD, communication, and trauma-informed, evidence- based positive parenting practices.

My current practice focuses on individuals, families, and those living with or affected by ADHD.

My 9 years of clinical experience have focused on supporting individuals, couples, children/ youth and their families in residential and out-patient facilities, schools, adoption agencies, educational presentations, and in private practice.

I utilize a variety of methodologies depending on your circumstances including evidence based practices such as  CBT, brief solution focused, collaborative problem solving, as well as using somatic (body-based) (such as Sensorimotor psychotherapy), mindfulness,  neuro-developmental methods (brain-based), experiential (play, art, role plays), and narrative therapies so that your experience becomes more fully integrated.

Prior to my clinical mental health training I worked for 10 years as a Director of Spiritual Care in medical facilities, as a Law Enforcement chaplain, and as a Spiritual Director.  I hold a Masters of Divinity degree, and have a lifelong interest in the relationship between spirituality and mental health; how they can complement/ augment the vision/ perspective by which we live our lives. I welcome you to bring you own spiritual paths into our conversations.

I am very excited to be adding coaching for ADHD to my practice! ADHD is an issue of neuro-diversity affecting children, youth and adults, often throughout their life.  It is associated with great strengths and challenges. My experiences in the schools, in private practice, and as family member of an adult living with ADHD have given me tremendous insight into and empathy for the complex, diverse, and situationally variable ways in which ADHD presents in each person. I offer strategies targeted for the unique ways in which the challenges of ADHD affect you  and assist you in mastering these strategies until they become natural ways of operating.  It is my joy to see my clients take charge of their brilliance. I also offer support, education, and coaching to family members (siblings, parents, spouses) who often experience the negative side effects of un-addressed ADHD and are unsure how to best repond.Please feel welcome to check the ADHD tab and/ or ask for a consult if you desire to learn more.

There were many times when I felt that no one in my family understood or was able to help me with the depression, but you did. I always felt different, better about myself after I saw you. Because you hung in there with me I hung in there with myself. I can’t believe it’s only been a year, and so much has changed for the better in my life. ”